RUCON project - Runtime Control in Multi Clouds

Cloud computing is a disruptive technology for global on demand computing, which facilitates the delivery of computational resources as services. Cloud operating systems (Cloud OSs) manage the execution of underlying resources, e.g., Physical Machines (PM) or Virtual Machines (VM), in compliance with user constraints. An application is typically deployed on a single Cloud. Nowadays, we are faced with the complex ultra scale socio-lifestyle applications like applications for the management of smart cities or for the medical body area networks that are being deployed on Clouds. Such applications have demanding user requirements and need diversity of available IT infrastructures to be deployed. Moreover, economical and ecological reasons lead to the utilization of multiple Clouds for the deployment of a single application. This concept where a Service Provider (SP) is responsible for handling the additional complexity of coordinating multiple services across multiple external Infrastructure Providers (IPs) is called multi Cloud. While there are mature methods for guaranteeing (Quality of Service) QoS in a single Cloud, guaranteeing QoS of an application deployed in multi Clouds is currently an unsolved scientific question. In the recent years autonomic computing emerged as a promising solution for the management of complex computing systems by minimizing human intervention into the system. The objective of this project is to develop autonomic computing methodologies and tools for application agnostic guaranteeing of QoS in multi Clouds. Based on the complexity of the multi Cloud, the type and quality of data used for the monitoring of the QoS, and the ability or inability to create the behavioral model or an application we will investigate the most prominent autonomic mechanisms.


FWF Y 904 START-Programm 2015.

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